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By using the 360 Orthopaedics Cost Estimator, you acknowledge your understanding that the figures represent average costs per discharge for the respective provider during fiscal year 2014 (10/1-9/30). The average costs may not be indicative of your personal experience and the costs you may incur at the respective provider may differentiate from the figures reflected with the 360 Orthopaedics Cost Estimator. You also acknowledge your understanding that the information presented is not exhaustive of all services provided by the provider, and only represents average costs for Medicare Part A beneficiaries.

All estimations reflect discharge code MS-DRG 470 for Medicare Part A insurance coverage

MS-DRG 470: Major Joint Replacement or Reattachment of Lower Extremity w/o MCC

List of Complications and Comorbidities (CC) and Major Complications and Comorbidities (MCC)

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