One New Year Resolution Idea for Success in 2017

Happy new year! With 2017 upon us, you may have recently spent time reflecting on 2016 and preparing for the upcoming year. While preparing, you might still be searching for a new year resolution idea so you can own 2017 and make it the best year yet! The one new year resolution idea that will help you maximize the upcoming year and prepare you for success in 2017 is the ability to positively control your R Factor.

The R Factor

What is the R Factor? Quite simply, it can turn you into an elite performer, no matter what the arena may be – business, school, sports, etc. Or, depending on how you use your R Factor, it can result in a poor performance with more to be desired. The R Factor comes from the equation E + R = O; Event + Response = Outcome. Fundamentally, this equation can be applied to just about any situation in life. The response garners importance because it is the only part of the equation that you can control. Uncontrollable events happen and outcomes are earned based on your response to those events. The ability to control your R Factor for positive outcomes will lead you to success in 2017. Click here for more information about the R Factor from its creators at Focus 3.

Take a Closer Look

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The 2016 Chicago Cubs displayed an impressive ability to positively control their R Factor during the final moments in game seven of the World Series. After Cleveland stormed back to tie the game, a rain delay halted play as the game headed to the 10th inning. Chicago had lost their momentum. However, during the rain delay, Jason Heyward reminded his teammates why they were playing in the World Series and how they got there. This effective moment of controlling their R Factor allowed the team to get their minds in the right place. The Cubs went on to win the game and dispel a 108-year World Series drought.

The 2016 U.S. Open Golf Tournament champion, Dustin Johnson, brilliantly displayed how to positively control the R Factor. With seven holes remaining, an uncontrollable event emerged as a tournament official informed Johnson that he may or may not have to take a penalty stroke at the end of the round, mounting enormous pressure on his shoulders. If you have ever tried to play golf, it’s not easy! And the game is especially difficult with the entire golf universe watching while a possible penalty awaits at the end of the round. DJ could’ve let this negatively affect his mindset and blown the lead. Instead, he positively controlled his R Factor and earned his first career major victory.


No matter what new year resolution ideas you have come up with, be sure to add controlling your R Factor to the list. Some of sports’ biggest stars controlled their R Factor on the biggest stages in 2016; if they can do it, you can too. Your ability to positively control your response to events will produce superior outcomes to help you reach and exceed your goals in 2017.

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