The Best Tweets from the Digital Orthopaedics Conference

2017 Digital Orthopaedics Conference
image from the Digital Orthopaedics Conference Twitter page

On January 8th, the inaugural Digital Orthopaedics Conference was held in San Francisco, California. Leaders from around the country met to discuss orthopedic healthcare trends. Topics included healthcare consumers, patient engagement, telemedicine, wearable technology, and the future of healthcare. I was able to catch some of the action through the live video stream provided by Code Technology. Visit their Facebook page to check out videos from the conference. I also kept up with the hashtag #DOCSF17 on Twitter throughout the day. Here are the best tweets from the 2017 Digital Orthopaedics Conference.


Why the Digital Orthopaedics Conference was Created

First, I should recognize the person behind the event, Dr. Stefano Bini from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Give him a follow on Twitter. Dr. Bini kicked off the Digital Orthopaedics Conference with a simple explanation as to why the conference was created.

Also, this gem surfaced of Dr. Bini!

The Healthcare Consumer

A new role is emerging in healthcare. It’s called the healthcare consumer.

The Engaged Patient

The transition from healthcare consumer to engaged patient will enhance collaboration and strengthen the patient-physician relationship.

Technology in Healthcare

Civilizations advance at the same rate their technology advances. Healthcare is currently undergoing major advancements, and technology is playing a major role.

The Pink Socks

The man behind the Pink Socks Movement is Nick Adkins, a leader on the forefront of changes in healthcare. The Pink Socks Movement is about working together to activate solutions to help move us forward and out of the mess that healthcare has found itself in. Visit the Pink Socks website to learn more.


What is your vision for the future of healthcare?

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